Moto-Ki: The Power-Form Of Healing


Moto-Ki: The Power-Form Of Healing

October 24, 2014 JKNetDesign

Sometimes, subtle healing energy just isn’t enough. There’s times when it is necessary to break through blocks, fuse bones together, or dissolve scar tissue. This is the power of the ancient art of Moto-Ki.

While Reiki is defined as “universal energy” (ethereal), and excellent at bringing you into alignment and promoting health, Moto-Ki is earth-based energy. With its stronger form of grounding, supported by the intense mass of earth, it brings the other curative arts into balance. It provides an energetic “base” whereby all other efforts are now solidified. Without this base, we become top-heavy, and our ability to project energy is weakened.

Join us and learn the basics of Moto-Ki through a Physical Experience Of Energy. If you have any background in curative arts, come see how much stronger you can be. If you are new to remedial work, or just curious, you will spend a playful afternoon exploring a world you have never seen before.

For more information about Moto-Ki, please visit the association website at

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