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Study Difficulties


Improve grades, mindfully study.  Inspire fun and success, then graduate! 

Be a better, smarter student with study tricks and techniques that work.  Pass tests with more ease.

  • Do you have a anxiety for training, testing or learning a subject?
  • Do you get emotional when someone hands you written instructions?
  • Do you hate classrooms?
  • Do you read at night in bed just so that you’ll fall asleep?
  • Have you ever quit from a course of action because it was too hard to grasp what you were doing?
  • Do you get upset when “smart” people use “big” vocabulary?
  • Do you ever read materials and find yourself completely blank or daydreaming and you don’t know how you got there?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then you may have study difficulties.

For each of us, there can be many different reasons why learning difficulties may exist. Problems with study and learning can hold us back in life and keep us from realizing our greatest dreams. The skill of true learning is very different than “memorizing” and must be mastered in order for us to achieve the success and survival rate that we know is our right.

With our methods of really learning what knowledge is and how to own it, you can break free of the bonds of ignorance and lowered conditions in life. This is why, when you start with The Monterey Center of Alameda, we begin with a full profile analysis to investigate all the influencing factors that have blocked your success, so that we can scientifically “eliminate all the variables.”  This is your chance to start your achieving real learning.

Abilities gained from your customized program with us will give you the vital daily tools for life.  With these new skills, you can more easily achieve your goals and improve your conditions. You will discover that not only will your competence increase, but also your relationships will improve, as a bonus, since communication skills for our students often increase significantly.

This is not simply “just a good idea” and you cannot get it all, simply by reading this theory. Our methods have proven workability to any subject or skill you want to learn. One must try it to know it. Come “Learn How to Learn” today, as well as handle any other study issues.  

This is a complete program not found in schools!

Send inquiries to: info@montereycenter.org


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