Life Repair


The purpose of  The Sunshine Primary Life Repair counseling is to deliver a very rapid, customized, comprehensive, goal-oriented and effective program, tailor-made to assist you through the specific difficulties you are currently encountering in life.

When Life Falls Apart

When life has shattered in small or large ways, the standard fall-back saying is: ‘Time heals all wounds.’ Sure, there can be some truth in adages like this. 

After all, everyone hopes it is true. But is it always true?

Major bodily injuries leave scar tissue behind. It makes sense that stressful life events can create a similar effect. The scars may not be as visible, since they reside in the mental and spiritual realms, but they are just as real. Just like an old physical wound can sometimes ache or restrict movement, scars from emotional trauma can restrain and limit our mental capacities and impact our choices towards thriving.

Everyone Experiences Anguish Sometimes

As an example: after losing a loved one, time passes and the overwhelming sadness felt in the beginning, may decrease. You don’t feel the impact of it as frequently. Some days, you no longer think of it at all. But in those moments where you look back at that loss, the pain of it can wash over you just as intensely as the first time you heard it.

Or, maybe you have lingering bad feelings about something you’ve done in your life– something you still feel remorse about even after months or years have gone by, and you just can’t shake it. It doesn’t mean you are a bad person.  But the scars left behind can make you feel like you are.

From these or similar profound events, we form ideas and beliefs which frame how we view life and operate in it. This is true for everyone. and may be difficult to heal from, on one’s own.  These can cause us to avoid things in life that we would have otherwise been embracing with wholehearted relish.  Old wounds do create unwanted behaviors and emotions. Some people even experience physical reactions on a psychosomatic level.  The usual approach would be to get to a doctor and dangerous chemicals would be prescribed to “quiet down” all the noise.

Consider another way; What if mental and spiritual wounds could be healed…and fairly quickly?

We know there are very specific reasons the mind clings to some events in life and periodically throws them back at you.  Our highly-skilled staff are trained in numerous proven techniques to help overcome these problems in fully conscious, drug-free approaches that wake up the brain, body and mind for better clarity and ability in making the right choices while impelling the right actions that you know you are wanting in  your life.

Get the Real Help

You may have already tried numerous times to handle and get rid of your issues, but for some reason or another, your relief efforts were either thwarted or short-lived.  If you are that individual who has “tried everything,” then you have come to the right place. Here (and ONLY at The Monterey Center of Alameda) you can obtain a truer sense of relief from all that additional burden, loaded onto your life from all those previous frail and failed attempts at relief of the original issue!  Because we understand this, Past Therapy Repair is often included as a part of the Sunshine Primary at no additional cost.

You don’t have to wait for mental scar tissue to form before you come to us!  If life is hitting you below the belt, we can assist you in doing something about it NOW.

Our Sunshine Primary Life Repair program starts off with a free private interview. During this session, we find out from you what you feel is limiting you or holding your back.  Combining what you tell us with our knowledge of what causes these phenomena, together we design your unique program.

Some therapies tell you “what is wrong with you.”  We don’t do that. Since you are the only person who ultimately knows what your life situation is, we consult you. You and your counselor work together as a team to immediately tackle whatever is in your way.

We recognize you are an individual with powerful potential, which is more or less realized to whatever degree you’re familiar and comfortable. We are here to guide, celebrate and morally support your personal growth towards living the expressive life you’ve known you are capable of living. Try an intensive, risk-free six weeks with us, as that’s what Sunshine Primary Life Repair counseling does for you. 

Space is limited, so don’t wait for more time to pass. We can sometimes be booked up to three months in advance with our Sunshine Primary clients, so Contact us today to set up your free interview, get your program reserved and get your life on the mend!

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