Life Coaching


In order to maximize our effectiveness in life, sometimes having access to a life coach is all we need for taking it to the next level.   Life coaching assists us toward creating more powerful lives

 “Valerie is one of the building blocks of my life…. She is a source of encouragement and I can truly say that she has helped me to realize my potential and ultimately my dreams.” – C.F.

“After my very first session I had a sudden creative epiphany in which I brainstormed an unstoppable nine pages, completing an age-old, partially formed business idea that is now totally envisioned! I am also feeling a ‘tingling’ in an area of my body that has had my attention.” – R.L.

“You are a jewel that sparkles in all the lives that you touch.” – T.A.

Happiness and Success

Everyone wants to be successful. But what does that really mean? Often, people equate money with success. It’s true, life is much more pleasant when you can afford the basic things that keep you and your family safe, healthy, and relatively comfortable. What about beyond that?

Do you gain satisfaction from your daily activities in life? Whether working, spending time with family and friends, or engaging in hobbies, sometimes you can still be left feeling unfulfilled, somehow. You may wonder if your current path could be more satisfying.

It’s common knowledge that you should spend your money wisely, invest it smartly, and save for rainy days. But do you ever stop to think about the hours and days of your life? How do you spend those precious pieces of time? Are you spending your minutes as wisely as you spend your money?

Is it Time to Re-evaluate?

Do you feel happy doing the things you do in life? Do your daily activities align with the purpose that burns in your core? Do you wonder what sort of purpose you really have?

Maybe you just “get through” each day or week, coming home exhausted and wondering where the time went. If you hate Mondays and look forward more to weekends or vacations than you do to daily life, it might be time to rethink some things.

Milestones in Life

Throughout life, you encounter different milestones. Different points where decisions you make affect your future in larger ways. Some are common to most people, like finishing high school, graduating college, and having children. 

Many milestones happen without you having much say in the matter. Perhaps you or a family member are struck with a life-changing illness. Or you have a child with special needs. Maybe an older parent comes to live in your home. Perhaps your long-time job suddenly ends.

Other times, you may decide to create your own milestones. You could decide to change careers, or adopt a child, or try your hand at performing music in local venues.

There are many different paths for everyone in a single life. Though you may be richer for the experiences, change can also be hard. Especially when the change seems to choose you. Then you can feel powerless about your own life.

We are here to Empower YOU

At Monterey Center, a big part of our philosophy is that people should have power over their own lives. Everything we do centers around that idea. We want you to be the Master of Your Fate.

When you come to us for Life Coaching, we develop a program especially designed to empower you. It’s your life. So every step in the program is geared toward helping you achieve or increase power over the things that mean the most to you.

As life coaches with dozens of proven techniques at our fingertips, we will help you formulate plans that work. Our knowledge combined with your inner power will help you reach new plateaus.


Above, you have seen what a few of our clients have to say about Life Coaching.

Contact us today for your free consultation. We want to help you live your priceless life to its fullest!

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