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Work Problems


Experiencing job burnout? Has career advancement eluded you? Want to improve your workplace efficiency?  Career enhancement counseling is the answer.

“Since my sessions and coursework with Ron and Valerie, my confidence and ability have skyrocketed. I get more work done with much less effort and worry. Even my house is organized, like it never could have been before this personal clarity I gained. Thanks, guys!” — M.M.

Most of us spend 58% of our waking hours in the workplace. Doesn’t it seem like we should do what we can to make that time enjoyable and fulfilling? Unfortunately, many people don’t enjoy their jobs.

Life is too precious to spend so much time unhappy just to pay the bills.

If you feel your job is lacking, consider these questions. Do any of them apply to you?

  • Do you feel like your co-workers don’t respect you?
  • Does your boss, or another co-worker, undermine your efforts to do a good job?
  • Do others take credit for work you do?
  • Is there someone at work who intimidates you?
  • Do you lack the resources or help to get your projects completed on time?
  • Do you get asked to do things that don’t make sense to you?
  • Are your peers or subordinates out-of-synch with the work you are trying to do?
  • Do you feel like you’re just an unimportant cog in your career?
  • Do you do great work, but no one seems to notice?
  • Do office politics or edgy office relationships interfere with getting work done?
  • Even after doing everything you’re asked to, are you still not able to get ahead in the workplace?
  • Have you lost your enthusiasm for what you’re doing at work?
  • Do you wonder if you’re on the right career path?
  • Do you have great ideas for how to improve things, but your boss doesn’t seem to care?
  • Are your job skills becoming irrelevant and making you feel resentful or overwhelmed?
  • Is it time for a raise, but you don’t know how to ask?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have significant work issues that are holding you back from success. Getting them straightened out can lead to a happier life and a career that moves you up and forward.

Work problems can stem from any number of factors. They can come from distractions in your home life, past bad experiences, ideas that don’t align with today’s working world, physical limitations, communication issues, difficulties forming social relationships, and many other things.

At The Monterey Center of Alameda, we can help you zero in on the best ways to get results fast. Because our counselors are proficient in multiple techniques, we can look at your situation from many angles and design a customized program just for you.

After determining what’s really holding you back, a step-by-step program that specifically caters to your needs will help you get back in control of this important part of life. We’ll be there every step of the way to guide you through each action needed to address what’s missing and what needs improvement.

Whether you just need to polish up a few skills, overhaul your career from the bottom up, or something in the middle, we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Contact us today to set up your free consultation and get your career on the fast track.

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