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Dependencies and Addictions


At The Monterey Center of Alameda, we specialize in post-withdrawal detox, life coaching, and biofeedback programs to address addictions and dependencies such as drugs, alcohol, food, gambling.

Whether prescription or recreational drugs, shopping, smartphones, or Netflix, one is likely to have some sort of personal escape to relieve the unease of the moment.  We are looking for relief with these escapes to get us through those uncomfortable moments or to reward the hard efforts of the day.  In time, those alluring escapes will get out of control, costing time, money, clear thinking, and health. The quick fixes eventually take their toll on mind, body.

When we come to the moment that we realize these dependencies are more destructive than constructive, we are ready to do something about it.  Group support meetings may have worked and actually helped. But sometimes, however, relapse or “plateau-ing” might have distanced your next step toward further self-improvement.

A Detoxification is essential if you are dealing with chemical dependency. Regarding other habitual behaviors,  psychebiofeedback would be appropriate, with the possible inclusion of neurofeedback, if indicated.

Understanding Withdrawal

Withdrawal from chemical dependency takes place in basically three stages. Thus Stage One is weaning off the substance itself.  This stage is more safely accomplished under medical supervision at a facility that accommodates overnight stays. Most Stage One detox generally takes about two weeks, although this period can be longer.

The mind and body can continue to be affected for years after toxic exposure has ceased. The Monterey Center is proud to offer effective Stage Two Detox, which addresses the final sweep-up removal of chemical residues from the body.  To start Stage Two Detox, clients must have had a medical physical exam and produce a written waiver to begin this program. For more information on how we handle the material aspects of addiction once the individual has completed Stage One, please read Detox Purification.

 The Monterey Center does not advocate or support dramatic “cold turkey” withdrawal, which can be extreme if attempted without proper medical supervision.

Stage Three Detox is concerned with the emotional issues connected to addiction and is addressed via our unique psychebiofeedback programs.

Results from our program are notable, and recidivism (relapse) rates are extremely low with this three-pronged approach.

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