Bio & Neuro Feedback


Bio & Neuro Feedback

Our purpose, as an educational nonprofit, is to seek out and facilitate accessible alternative options for improving life conditions, as it is commonly found that “Band-aid” fixes to life like medication, drugs, hypnosis, and flat-out denial just don’t work.

Biofeedback and Neurofeedback are non-invasive, drugless methods to help you discover and connect with your inner self with your inner body, giving you an unprecedented level of calm ability to interpret and control your own mind-body relationship. Psyche-Biofeedback is defined as psyche: the mind + bio: living body + feedback: communication is the observation of the relationship of the and body.  The pillar approach to The Monterey Center’s stress-reducing exploration, Psyche-biofeedback explores the somatic (emotional and physical) triggers; that actually reveal the energy levels behind significant thoughts and feelings that are held in the body.

Actually working at a cellular level with biofeedback helps the seeker to uncover the otherwise imperceptible, long-buried beliefs and assertions, which covertly influenced our own decisions and choices of personal survival. These are submerged in the sub-conscious mind until the moment they are gently coaxed into “view” by the expert guidance of your facilitator. Sessions are conducted with the client fully conscious, without drugs or hypnosis—the most effective way to cut through the mental fog and break free of compulsions in a subtle, yet highly effective way.

The Psyche-biofeedback exercises are not dissimilar to cleaning the registry on a computer’s basic operating system. The facilitator especially guides the client to inspect and pluck out all the irrational, unintended, or random data (similar to adware, spyware, and viruses) that set up their own circuitry—those things that congest and ultimately obliterate simple, clear mind function. As our lives go on, our minds can gradually, increasingly degrade by “unhandled” traumas, confusions, medications and drugs. That mental and physical congestion can lessen or weaken ability and capacity, just like malware interferes with a computer’s normal function and freezes up if left unchecked.

Neurofeedback comes into play when we have deduced that the physical “hard drive” of the mind– the brain itself–has one or more atrophied areas, often from previous injury or drug damage.  These areas can be brought back to higher operation through simple, effective brain “training.”  Atrophied areas of the brain are discovered by measuring and plotting actual brain wave activity of the client against normal, expected brain wave functioning. A second analysis of brain function is taken at a point after a brief period of training has passed with an observed improvement of performance. 

The results of psycho-biofeedback and neurofeedback are a happier, healthier individual who can face the future with increased confidence and ability and we, at TMC, derive the greatest joys in witnessing the fruits of our clients’ newfound wins and gains.

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