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Biofeedback and Neurofeedback are non-invasive, drugless methods to connect with your inner self, giving a unprecedented level of calm ability in your life. Psyche-Biofeedback (psyche-the mind + bio-living body + feedback-communication: the relationship of the mind with the body) is a pillar approach to The Monterey Center’s stress-reducing exploration. Psyche-biofeedback is the observation of the electronic resistances in the body’s cells as they respond to various mental triggers, which actually reveal the energy levels behind significant thoughts and which is energy that is held in the body.

Working at the cellular level with biofeedback, helps the seeker to uncover the otherwise imperceptible, long-buried beliefs and assertions which have covertly influenced our own decisions and choices of personal survival.   These are submerged in the sub-conscious mind until the moment they are gently coaxed into “view” by the expert guidance of the biofeedback meter operator. Sessions are conducted on a fully conscious level, without drugs or hypnosis, to actually help people release from their mental fog and hypnotic states, while assisting them to break free from habitual thoughts and compulsions.

The exercises, on such a basic level, are not dissimilar to looking at a computer’s basic operating program. The operator helps the client inspect and pluck out all the irrational, unintended or random data (that is not unlike ad-ware, spyware and viruses that have set up their own circuitry), which congest and ultimately obliterate normal, simple and clear mind functions. As our lives go on, our minds can get gradually and increasingly degraded by “unhandled” traumas, confusions, medications, drugs and false information. We have lessened/weakened our mental and physical abilities and capacities, to that degree of influence, just like conflicting software interferes with a computer’s normal functions and overloads its memory capacity.

The “band-aid” fixes to life like medication, drugs, hypnosis and just plain denial are never resorted to, for these are exactly why we seek to explore all alternative options in our purpose as an educational nonprofit organization.

The results of psycho-biofeedback are a happier, healthier individual who can face the future with increased confidence and ability.

Neurofeedback comes into play when we have analyzed that the physical “hard drive” of the mind (the brain itself) has developed one or more atrophied areas, often brought on by previous injury or drug damage.  These areas can be brought back to normal operating speed through simple, but effective, brain “exercises.” The atrophied areas of the brain are discovered by measuring and plotting actual brain wave activity of the client against normal, expected brain wave functioning. A second analysis of brain function is taken at a point after a period of brain exercises have been performed and an improvement of performance has been observed.

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