I just want to be Me


People think the self-discovery process is a long and endless road.  It doesn’t have to be. Our custom program can help you to begin moving toward your goals quickly and effectively. The path toward self-discovery is easier than you may think

We Are All Spiritual Warriors

For each of us, life is filled with many adventures. Through awareness and a conviction to become more of who you desire to be, you can learn to enjoy these adventures and overcome life’s adversities.

If you’ve lived this long, you know we all suffer. Have you also learned that you can triumph?  Life is a crucible in which we are tested, and it’s up to us to change into our new selves of tomorrow. By learning to embrace today’s pressures and trials, we strengthen ourselves for the joys of tomorrow.

You Are Not Alone

When we decided to create The Monterey Center, at the heart of our decision was our desire to help others bring to fruition those great things they have inside. We wanted to use our 35 years of combined experience helping people to help even more.

Here you are, reading this. Maybe that means something important.  Maybe you’ve realized that some of the things you do and the ways you live your life haven’t been completely “you” and you wonder about it more often than you’d like.

You sense an urge to change, to propel yourself upward, but haven’t felt brave enough or ready enough to move forward with certainty. Take your arrival on this page as a sign, a call from destiny. Hear whatever words sing to you that this is a good excuse to do what you know is right for you.

If you can feel a metamorphosis inside you trying to emerge,
If a stifled purpose lurks in your heart waiting to be renewed,
If the masterpiece that is you is straining to get out,
If you are ready to come to terms with your shadows and reach for your full potential,
If you know the universe is ready to give you a big push in the UP direction,

…You’ve Come to the Right Place

Contact us now for a free consultation on how to set yourself free.

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