Success Stories


To be frank, I’m not sure where to begin with how thankful I am for everything that has happened with my Sunshine Primary program at TMC. I came in over a year ago lost and confused after a traumatic breakup and was not sure which way was up or down. I was running along the beach and passed an old boyfriend’s house, began to have a panic attack and researched therapy in Alameda. From trauma of my past with my first boyfriend, and deaths in the family I went (for lack of a better word) crazy.

It was a Friday night at about 8 o’clock I immediately called The Monterey Center and to my surprise they picked up and invited me to a PTSD meeting they were having at that very moment, I was sitting on the beach about a ten-minute walk from them and headed straight over. Everything felt different. It felt like I belonged here and needed to be here. Due to collage starting back up, I had to move away for the season, but I still could not stop thinking about how they were the only place where I felt like I was making progress with my anxiety and past traumas.

Just prior to returning to the relief of TMC, I went to more “traditional” therapy then I ever had before, during that college year. The traditional stuff wasn’t working enough, so some psychiatrists decided to put me on anxiety/depression medication which only made things worse. I came back to The Monterey Center of Alameda this summer and could not be more grateful that I made that decision!

While here, I have gotten over past therapy issues, traumas and even was able to stop taking medication. Three months later, I am now medication free– feeling more whole with myself and enjoying life.

The Sunshine Primary helped me to face my sub-conscious and really discover why I feel the emotions that I do and why panic attracts occur. Some of my friends have said that I changed a lot and matured this past year. I can honestly say, I owe most of it to The Monterey Center. Thank You.


Upon completing No More Problems Level, I feel free from the complications of others, as well as the complications I have gotten myself into!

My attention is free to focus on other things, Rather than life’s complications.

I feel unstuck from what has had a grip on so much of my attention. Thank you TMCAlameda.
Your methods really work!”


When I came to The Monterey Center of Alameda I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for. I wasn’t in a terrible place, but things just weren’t right– I was a little down, low on energy, gaining weight and not really sure what to do about it.

One phone call and me stammering about how ‘things just weren’t right– I wasn’t m– was there something they could do’– (because I didn’t want to just be medicated, I wanted to figure out what was wrong!) and I had an appointment the very next day. I spoke with Ron and Val and they told me about the unique approach they took to helping people and put No pressure on me.

I signed up for the Sunshine Primary package immediately! After only one session, we’d identified the “tiger in the room” for me was binge eating (emotionally using food to feel better) I felt instantly better (and have not binged since that day!) and we could focus on all sorts of other issues if they came up.

I finished the Integrity Course, it really opened my eyes and I loved it! The changes in my life are so positive, I’ve found relief from my eating problem, but also started down a new career path, feel moreat ease with everything in life, my relationships at home has improved and I’m just “happier” which is such a great place to be! And I know exactly where to turn if I ever feel out of sorts again!


Integrity Course Completion.

I found this course extremely interesting and valuable. I have never looked at ethics and morals in this light and learning or knowing the distin ction that I know will help me improve my own ethics and help me choose ethical actions an d not rely on the morals imposes by my society or groups. Knowing about ethics and dyna mics helps guide me to solutions/actions that bring the greatest benefits t o the greatest number of dynamics.

The data that is true for me, in what I have observe f or myself, is an important concept to understand because it applies to every person on the planet and we must realize that everyone’s data is slightly different even when the same si tuation is seen by two people.

Really knowing about your personal integrity… I haven’t t hought of it this way until this course! I need to know what l know and have the courage to say it and speak out for what I know is true, not question myself or let others vi ewpoints cast doubt. I feel like this ties in with honesty for me- if I’m not true to myse lf and my personal integrity- I’m being dishonest.

The code of honor felt profound to me, just reading i t felt right. I have already implemented some of the parts consciously that I was not doing a good job with before (such as don’t disparage yourself) I just went back and re- read the code, there were a few I’d forgotten that also feel very important to me – like: “Be true to your own goals” this is something I need to implement more in my life, to be true to myself and not consider others quite so much, especially when it steers my path to places I don’t want to go.

The overt actions and consequences section was important to me, not only to let go of some burdens I carried, but also to understand how thin gs go wrong, get worse, and gain strength.

I’d like to say I’ll never commit an overt action again, but I know I am human and I’m sure I will not walk this journey perfectly, but now I have the tools to see what I’ve done, and stop it before the unaddressed consequences pile up, ideally rectifying the situation with honesty and integrity and build trust. I also have the tools now to process and work through any past o/w if I think of them or they come up!


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