October 24, 2014 JKNetDesign

It’s rarely easy to plan one’s exit from this world.  But, if there is one thing that does make it easier to let go of the worldly matter, it’s knowing for sure who
would best be served by receiving your gifts.  TMC’s mission is such that it carries beyond life in the present, And the vision of our reach, beyond the boundaries of this planet. 

Our structure only warrants improved and expanded services so that untreated or poorly treated trauma and illiteracy become ancient “stone-age” history of a bygone world.  Please help us today in writing a new history for the evolution of humanity, where trauma and stress are handled as easily as brushing one’s teeth.  Thus only greater, more ethical creations occur in their places.  Imagine the Art, the Peace, the Beauty and the Playfulness our children and their children will enjoy!  Your serious consideration of us DOES mean the world to us.

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