Life Improvement Courses


Discover the real you. Knowledge is Power! Life training & courses allow you to “be all that you can be.”  Educate for personal growth.  Now I empower myself and my life!

Flanking therapy with education is a great way to stabilize the forward progress you make. The right knowledge can help you understand how to avoid and overcome pitfalls in life. Combined with the self-realization work you will discover, from the adjunct counseling here, you will walk out the door with more dynamo power and the increased abilities you’ve been desiring.  As we like to say around here: “Feel Better. BE Better.”

If you’ve looked around our site, you know we offer several kinds of counseling as well as Bio/Neuro Feedback therapy. We also offer several training courses.  Some of these courses can be done right in the Monterey Center course room. Depending on the course, you may be able to do it intensively over a weekend, or presented on site in your area.

List of Courses:

Secrets of Successful Study and Learning – As you’ve probably learned in life, it’s important to be able to learn new things. Many jobs require regular training to maintain certification or that you keep up with the latest information in a field. One subject that wasn’t covered in school was HOW to learn about something. This course fills that educational gap.

Being able to learn new things puts you in the driver’s seat in life. You can learn about anything – how to speak a foreign language, how the stock market works, how to train your dog. Never be intimidated by a tough subject again.

Success in Communication – A practical course that breaks communication down to its basic parts with exercises on how to use each part in the real world. This is course is invaluable and applies to all aspects of life where you need to communicate clearly with other people.

People trained in this course tend to get faster results from our counseling as well because it improves the communication level between you and the therapist.

Clearing Biofeedback Meter Training – By the end of this course you’ll have increased your awareness of your own body in relationship to energy. You’ll learn about the body’s energy field and how to get stuck energies flowing again.

Dealing with Difficult People – Essential for living a happy life. This course teaches you to recognize difficult people, which can be trickier than you think. It also helps you learn to deal with them in work and life situations.

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