Energy Medicine


The Essence of Life

Living organisms are obviously different than non-living things. But what is it that makes them so different? There is a very old idea that anything alive possesses the unique quality that we call life. Believing in the idea of a life force is very old. The Hindus called it prana. The Chinese named it qi or chi.

Even as modern science discovers more about the physical structure of the body, it still struggles to understand the mystery of life itself. One observable aspect about all life forms is that they produce electrical, and electromagnetic, fields. This can be observed all the way down to your organs and the insides of your cells. Within your body there are many different energy fields. If someone were to measure and compare the fields of your heart and your brain, for instance, they would find differences between them.

These fields respond to different stimuli. You’ve probably seen the glass balls at the mall that have little electrical bolts inside them. When you touch the ball, the electricity moves in reaction to your hand. In a similar way, your body reacts to mental and physical things. This can be problematic when negative things happen.  Personal electrical fields can be affected in a detrimental way that reflects unhappiness or illness, which in turn can beget more, in a downward spiral if allowed to continue unchecked.

This is where Energy Medicine comes in. We find where your personal energy has been thrust out of alignment and get it flowing correctly again. This promotes health and happiness.  By virtue of the simplicity and gentleness of the processes, results can be surprisingly easy to obtain, with standard protocol for balanced body and mind.  Like life should be.

Biofeedback Therapy

Devices like the Galvanic Skin Response meter, let our counselors monitor the nerve memory reactivity in the body and mind.  Throughout a lifetime and by various factors, body and mental electrical fields can become misaligned.  Biofeedback assists us to discover and pinpoint the places of misalignment and energy confusions, where they are then realigned through painless, simple and brief exercises.

With guided self-exploration of the mind, one’s awareness raises on how various memory triggers may be affecting mind and body. Together with your counselor, you can dig in and address the issues until equilibrium is restored in your corresponding electrical fields.

Negative Ion Foot Baths

Negative Ion Foot Baths are founded upon an ancient concept dating back over 5000 years to Ancient Eastern Indian traditions. They used concentrated sea salts in baths to extract toxins from their bodies. The Romans used similar practices in their bath houses.

Ionization – where a tiny current is used to charge water with positive and negative ions – is a new way of using this very old idea. Because toxins also have a charge, they become attracted to their oppositely charged ions in the water and are drawn out by osmosis through the pores of the skin on your feet.

Freeing yourself from toxins can make you feel better physically. And it can have wonderful effects on your mental state.

Balance Your Energy Flows

At Monterey Center, we pay special attention to the methods we use in energy work. We use methods that are known to work. And we feel it’s important to experience those results for ourselves before we use them with our clients. Ultimately energy is the crux of life. By respecting proven spiritual wisdom and following in tried and true footsteps, we increase your awareness of and ability to control your own personal energy.

To learn how you can get your own energy balanced and in alignment, contact us today for a free consultation.

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